About Us

EtiamTata was spawned in 2018 by a young boy who was inspired to broadcast his religion.

"Ashakahs haqiqiuna. eaqarat majani. alshay' aldhey yahfazuna fi EtiamTata hataa fi al'ashlihat, aism Tata, la yatalaqaa alinsa' alhawamil ladayuna hu 'akl aljizar."

-Kuhleeb Q. Tata, Leader of EtiamTata

Our Mission

At EtiamTata, we are dedicated to guiding individuals towards embracing Tatianism, a philosophy that advocates for perfection through sameness. Our teachings of Teeki emphasize the transformative power of uniformity in elevating humanity. With a deep commitment to spreading this ideal, we offer complimentary memberships, ensuring that our vision of a harmonious and perfected society is accessible to all.