Prayer and Rituals

We believe in the power of prayer and ritual to connect with the divine. Our members are encouraged to engage in contemplative practices to seek guidance, wisdom, and inner peace.

Who & What to Pray For

Tatians shall pray to both the Tatian Lord and the Tatian Devil.

Sacred Rituals for Atonement

To find solace and absolution, we recommend participating in the Tatian Nighttime Ritual. This ritual is to be performed by members seeking to cleanse their spirit and reconcile with their actions.

Holy Juice: An Essential Element of Our Rituals

Our rituals often incorporate Holy Juice, prepared following sacred recipes. Each variation of Holy Juice serves a unique purpose in our spiritual practices.

Once you have finished making the selected Holy Juice,  you should have it blessed for the best results. For your convenience, pre-prepared Holy Juice, blessed by our esteemed spiritual leader, Kuhleeb, is available upon request.  Contact us for more information.

"Spiritual Echoes Elixir"

This juice facilitates communication with spiritual realms.*


*Consult with Kuhleeb before attempting to communicate with the dead.

"Harmonious Healing Brew"

This juice is used for its restorative and healing properties, bringing harmony and balance to body and spirit.


"Antennae Attraction Ambrosia"

 An alluring blend which draws in bugs.


Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices in all our rituals. All ingredients used in Tatian rituals should sourced responsibly to ensure harmony with nature and the environment.

Connect With Us

EtiamTata welcomes all who seek spiritual growth and understanding. Please visit our FAQ section for more information, or contact us directly with any inquiries.