The Sins of Tatianism

1. Disrespecting the Sanctity of Hearing

The ears are sacred conduits to the divine. Through them, we are granted the ability to hear and interpret the subtle messages of the divine Teeki. Therefore, any act that involves the penetration of the ear, unless done for the purpose of maintaining its cleanliness and health, is considered a violation of this sanctity. To truly connect with the divine, one must maintain clear and unobstructed channels of hearing. This principle serves as a reminder to treat our bodies with respect and reverence, acknowledging them as vessels through which we can experience spiritual connection and divine wisdom.

2. Not Upholding Discretion Among Tatians

Tatianism requires the value of compassionate discretion when observing the actions of fellow believers. It is a guiding principle that unless a Tatian is causing physical harm to another, their minor transgressions or lapses in conduct should be addressed with understanding and, if necessary, privately reported only to the spiritual guidance of EtiamTata or their respective Tatian church. Acts such as using a phone in class or uttering unbecoming words, while not encouraged, are viewed as opportunities for personal reflection and growth, rather than public reprimand. This approach fosters a spirit of mutual respect, personal responsibility, and encourages each Tatian to seek guidance and correction through internal counsel, rather than through external judgment.

3. Ignoring the Whispering Winds

The winds carry messages from the divine. Disregarding the sounds of a gentle breeze, or not taking a moment to listen to what they might be trying to communicate, is disrespectful to the voices of the higher realms.

4. Not Sharing a Meal Once a Week

Tatians must share at least one meal per week with someone outside their immediate family. This act is believed to foster community and empathy. Failing to do so is isolating oneself from the communal spirit of Tatianism.

5. Failing to Thank the Moon

Each night, before sleep, Tatians must thank the moon for its guidance and light.

6. Overindulgence in Speech

Dominating conversations without allowing space for others, especially for Teeki, the spirit of wisdom and insight, is a sin. Believers are encouraged to speak mindfully and listen actively, ensuring they leave room in their dialogues for Teeki's silent whispers of wisdom to be heard. Engaging in excessive talk without this mindfulness can drown out the valuable insights that Teeki offers, hindering communal and personal growth.

Additional sins are currently unlisted.

The Sins of Tatianism and The Rules of EtiamTata serve different purposes within our faith. The Sins of Tatianism are regarded as Holy Prophecies, and adherence to them is strictly enforced, as their violation is considered intolerable. On the other hand, The Rules of EtiamTata were established to safeguard the wellbeing and goodwill of Tatians. These rules can be accessed here.