What is EtiamTata?

EtiamTata is committed to advancing the understanding and appreciation of auditory messaging. Our institution serves as a bastion for scholarly research, education, and the preservation of sonic environments.

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Why EtiamTata?

Scholarly Rigor: Our research is grounded in academic discipline, pushing the boundaries of auditory knowledge. Members gain exclusive access to this work, and may even participate in select studies.

Community Impact: We foster a community where sound is not merely heard, but understood.

Expansive Network: In joining EtiamTata, you become part of a diverse collective of scholars and practitioners dedicated to Tatianism.

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We welcome inquiries from those who wish to contribute to our science. Apply to become a member of EtiamTata today to join us in our journey of faith and fellowship.

Our Ethos

Learn about the ethical principles and practices which guide Tatians' lives.

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