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As a Tatian, it it your responsibility to be sure your records are always kept up to date.

Set up a meeting to change your account details.

Visiting EtiamTata

Access to physical locations is available strictly by appointment.

All visitors will undergo security screenings upon entry, and may be asked to present a valid EtiamTata ID Card.

Photography, video recording, and audio recording are prohibited inside the facilities.

Weapons are not permitted within EtiamTata facilities.

Membership Renewal

Memberships must be renewed annually.

When you're a member, renewing is easy and free. Find out more.

Order an EtiamTata ID Card

EtiamTata ID Card Pricing:

First card: 1.00e or one EAR point

Replacement for a lost card: 5,000.00e or two EAR points

Replacement for a stolen card: 12.00e or one EAR point

Contact us to order your card.